The Governance of Inclusive Growth

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Public governance can make a broad-based contribution to sound, sustainable and inclusive growth. Aligning public governance tools and processes with the broader objectives of policy making for inclusive growth can help governments deal with the complexities that go hand-in-hand with reconciling growth and inclusiveness. These complexities include setting out a vision, ensuring that policies complement each other and that different parts of government work together towards common goals, and engaging stakeholders to improve effectiveness, delivery and inclusion. After describing the OECD approach to inclusive growth, the report discusses which public governance principles, tools and arrangements can be used, and when, to enable a whole-of-government shift towards inclusive growth.

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Policy making for inclusive growth: aligning design, delivery and accountability

This chapter examines the tools and processes that serve a strategic policy cycle for Inclusive Growth, applying a whole-of-government approach. Centres of government must co-ordinate complex policies and national priorities and build a shared vision across all levels of government, relying on national and regional indicators. Budgetary governance for Inclusive Growth involves managing trade-offs and aligning resources for strategic multi-year budgeting. Assessment tools, beginning with ex ante evaluations of government expenditure and regulations, can help in shaping policies. The authors explain the benefits for governments of using data visualisation tools and resources in the policy development cycle. They promote government accountability through incentives and horizontal co-ordination. The chapter also presents ways to make service delivery more inclusive, looking at access and reach, digital welfare, and capacity. Finally, it describes how to close the policy cycle with a focus on ex post evaluation, accountability and learning.


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