The Call for Innovative and Open Government

An Overview of Country Initiatives

image of The Call for Innovative and Open Government

This report presents an overview of country initiatives concerning efficient, effective public services and open and innovative government. It focuses on four core issues:  delivery of public services in times of fiscal consolidation; a more effective and performance-oriented public service; promotion of open and transparent government; and strategies for implementation of a reform agenda.  These issues were discussed at the OECD Public Governance Ministerial Meeting held in Venice, Italy, in November 2010, hosted by the Italian Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation.



United Kingdom

The reductions in government spending over the medium term mean that it will not be possible or desirable to simply maintain current models of service delivery. Rather than “top-slicing” budgets, the government is taking a more strategic approach to the consolidation, looking first at removing funding from activities that the state does not need to perform while protecting areas of activity that are vital for the state to provide. However, in all public services there will need to be a focus on improved efficiency, so that the same or better outcomes can be secured with lower inputs.


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