System Change in Slovenia

Making Public Procurement More Effective

image of System Change in Slovenia

This report uses systems thinking tools to address pervasive problems in Slovenia's procurement system that the government has struggled to remedy through traditional regulatory means. The report outlines how room for innovation can be created within highly regulated policy domains and how governments can systematically benefit from it. Systems thinking allows for a new understanding of the role of procurement. The report explores potential reforms that could be designed from the bottom-up, to address specific behavioural and structural barriers – such as public perception, risk aversion, accountability and control functions – that cannot be addressed using only a legalistic approach.



Looking ahead: Scenarios

This chapter outlines three co-created scenarios for the Slovenian public sector designed to influence the procurement system, based on the core priority clusters described in the previous chapter. These scenarios were co-created and tested together with Slovenian stakeholders. Examination of these scenarios allows for exploration of recommendations and different solutions, as well as analysis and stress-testing of their potential effects. Policy solutions often introduce both foreseen and unforeseen outcomes and the scenario approach helps to prepare for these in a more holistic way. These scenarios were co-created and tested together with the Slovenian stakeholders in October 2019. The scenario approach does not imply that any of the presented approaches represents a blueprint for change, but they can help to identify the ambition and strategic intent for reform.


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