Strengthening Romania's Integrity and Anti-corruption Measures

image of Strengthening Romania's Integrity and Anti-corruption Measures

This report assesses Romania’s efforts to strengthen its integrity and anti-corruption system. It looks at the achievements of the 2021-2025 National Anticorruption Strategy (NAS) as well as the challenges that remain, including addressing structural issues such as political engagement, the role and placement of ethics offices and the design and review of integrity plans. The report provides recommendations for mainstreaming central government integrity policies into practical and concrete actions at the sectoral level, with a view to improving implementation of the 2021-2025 NAS as well as future strategies.



Romania has embarked on multiple reforms to bolster the stability and resilience of its public governance framework, including the strengthening of its integrity and anti-corruption system through several National Anti-corruption Strategies (NAS). Despite these efforts and the growing number of anti-corruption investigations, corruption is still perceived to be one of the major obstacles to obtaining quality public services in Romania. While the detection, investigation and sanctioning of corruption cases has increased, more in-depth preventive and strategic actions are needed to address systemic and structural weaknesses. Identifying high-impact integrity interventions in specific sectors will help ensure that national integrity policies have a greater impact within the public administration and in society more broadly.


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