Strengthening Policy Development in the Public Sector in Ireland

image of Strengthening Policy Development in the Public Sector in Ireland

EU Funded Note

The report analyses the policy development process in Ireland. It focusses on three main areas that shape policy development: evidence, implementation, and legitimacy. It also discusses the skills, capacities, methods and tools in the Irish public sector that support effective policy development. The report highlights Ireland’s strengths, identifies gaps, provides examples of good practices, and suggests a number of areas of opportunity and action to bolster the policy development system and improve policymaking.


Strengthening the Legitimacy of Policy Development in Ireland

This chapter assesses the nexus between the civil service and the political space in relation to policy development and the processes and practices for stakeholder engagement, digitalisation and user-centric policy development. It concludes with areas of opportunity to clarify the role of the civil service in policy development and improve legitimacy in the policy development process.


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