Slovenia: Towards a Strategic and Efficient State

image of Slovenia: Towards a Strategic and Efficient State

This book presents a comprehensive review of governance and public management in Slovenia.It identifies how reforms can better reinforce each other in support of overall government objectives and examines reform strategies that have worked in other countries to provide a series of recommendations.




Slovenia has until quite recently enjoyed successful economic development, but now faces an urgent need to consolidate its fiscal position and put the economy back on the path to sustained growth. As in other OECD countries, this involves a delicate balancing act. Significant short-term savings in government expenditure must be found, but at the same time the conditions for long-term growth need attention. This puts the spotlight on the efficiency and effectiveness of the public administration. A more efficient public administration can contribute to fiscal consolidation. But the public administration also needs to be more effective and “fit for purpose” in support of government strategy, beyond the immediate search for savings. Without a well-functioning public administration, it will be very difficult to establish and implement the right strategies and policies for Slovenia’s long-term well-being. A great deal is therefore at stake with public administration reform in Slovenia.


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