Slovak Republic: Better Co-ordination for Better Policies, Services and Results

image of Slovak Republic: Better Co-ordination for Better Policies, Services and Results

This review analyses public governance in the Slovak Republic and provides recommendations to support ongoing comprehensive public administration reform. The analysis is structured around five key areas: the centre of government’s capacity to steer and lead policy development and implementation; analytical and evaluation capacities; human resources management and civil service; e-government; transparency and integrity in the public administration. The review identifies two main themes running through these five areas: The first is the need for more effective whole-of-government co-ordination of strategy-setting and implementation, led by the centre of government. The second is the need to generate and use evidence more effectively when making decisions.

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Scaling up digital government in the Slovak Republic

This chapter examines the process of digitisation in the Slovak administration over the past decade. Though there has been measurable progress in a number of areas, particularly with regards to Internet connectivity and usage, when it comes to the online delivery of public services and citizen engagement, the Slovak Republic has lagged behind peer countries both within the European Union and the OECD. There is, however, strong demand-side potential for digital services, evidenced by the relatively high uptake levels of Internet-based activities by the Slovakian population as a whole. With the embrace of some key improvements to its approach, many of the elements are in place for the Slovak Republic to rapidly become a regional leader in digital government.


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