Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

image of Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

Civil servants make an important contribution to national growth and prosperity. Today, however, digitalisation and more demanding, pluralistic and networked societies are challenging the public sector to work in new ways. This report looks at the capacity and capabilities of civil servants of OECD countries. It explores the skills required to make better policies and regulations, to work effectively with citizens and service users, to commission cost-effective service delivery, and to collaborate with stakeholders in networked settings. The report also suggests approaches for addressing skills gaps through recruitment, development and workforce management.


Towards a highly skilled civil service

Building and managing a civil service with the right skills requires a new look at public employment and management policies and frameworks, and at how people are managed in civil service. This chapter looks at the results of a recent survey on civil service management and reform to identify current practices and promising innovations in public sector people management. This includes specific focus on tools and methods to understand and identify skills gaps in the civil service, and ways to fill these gaps through targeted recruitment by promoting strategic learning and development. This chapter also looks at ways to ensure a highly skilled public sector workforce finds a home in organisations which are ready to put those skills to use.


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