Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

image of Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

Civil servants make an important contribution to national growth and prosperity. Today, however, digitalisation and more demanding, pluralistic and networked societies are challenging the public sector to work in new ways. This report looks at the capacity and capabilities of civil servants of OECD countries. It explores the skills required to make better policies and regulations, to work effectively with citizens and service users, to commission cost-effective service delivery, and to collaborate with stakeholders in networked settings. The report also suggests approaches for addressing skills gaps through recruitment, development and workforce management.


The skilled civil service of the future

This chapter presents a synthesis of the main findings of the earlier chapters, and considers lessons that can help guide civil service reform efforts aimed at advancing professional, strategic and innovative civil services. The chapter suggests the models, data and examples presented in this report show OECD countries are beginning to take steps towards updating their employment frameworks, but no guidance exists at an international level. The chapter discusses how developing the insights in this report towards an OECD recommendation on public employment will help guide countries on the investments needed to make their civil service fit-for-purpose in the twenty-first century.


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