SIGMA Public Procurement Briefs

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SIGMA Public Procurement Briefs provide input for training systems that are in compliance with EU public procurement legislation and practices and with related national legislations. They contribute to the improvement of professional skills of procurement officers and managers – both in the public sector (contracting authorities) and the private sector (economic operators). Some of the briefs are available in other languages, namely Armenian, Azeri, Romanian and Russian


Setting the Award Criteria

The award criteria are the criteria that constitute the basis on which a contracting authority evaluates submitted tenders and then awards a contract to the best tender. Tenders should be evaluated on the basis of objective criteria that ensure compliance with the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment, with a view to ensuring objective comparison of tenders. The Public Procurement Directives limit the award criteria to either the lowest-price criterion or the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) criterion. SIGMA Brief 8 explains the lowest-price criterion and which methods can be used to identify the most economically advantageous tender. It also provides a checklist of the main points to be addressed when defining the overall strategy concerning the award criteria to be applied in a contract award procedure.


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