Seine Basin, Île-de-France, 2014: Resilience to Major Floods

image of Seine Basin, Île-de-France, 2014: Resilience to Major Floods

This study examines flood risk prevention of the Seine in the Ile-de-France region. It highlights the impacts a major flood, like the one in 1910, could have on the well-being of citizens, city management and the economy.

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Governance to prevent a Seine flood in Île-de-France

This chapter analyses the deficits in governance that have affected flood risk prevention policies in Île-de-France and explores the opportunities currently available that could overcome them. In the past, the institutional and administrative fragmentation of the region as a result of multiple decentralised tiers might have impeded action. This chapter proposes ways of better harmonising public policies with a view to a bold flood prevention strategy.

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