Seine Basin, Île-de-France, 2014: Resilience to Major Floods

image of Seine Basin, Île-de-France, 2014: Resilience to Major Floods

This study examines flood risk prevention of the Seine in the Ile-de-France region. It highlights the impacts a major flood, like the one in 1910, could have on the well-being of citizens, city management and the economy.

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Enhancing resilience in Île-de-France by preventing the risk of flooding

Enhancing resilience in Île-de-France against the risk of flooding of the Seine calls for a broad range of structural and non-structural prevention measures, which will be assessed in this chapter. The areas covered include risk awareness and risk culture, urbanisation and planning, critical network resilience, business continuity and hazard control through protection or storage infrastructure. This will enable synergies to be identified in order to reinforce resilience by harnessing innovation.

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