Review of the Kazakhstan Commission on Access to Information

image of Review of the Kazakhstan Commission on Access to Information

The report assesses the enforcement of the Republic of Kazakhstan's law on access to information with a focus on the practices of the Kazakhstan Commission on Access to Information. It benchmarks the Commission’s mandate and functions against those of similar access-to-information oversight bodies in OECD countries. The report compares the legal nature and the institutional structure of these institutions, focusing on the availability and effectiveness of appeal mechanisms. It proposes ways to align the Commission with similar bodies in OECD countries by adopting good practices or revising current legislation.


Executive Summary

Kazakhstan is taking continuous steps towards greater openness, striving to ensure the transparency of government-held data and proactively publishing information and official documents, including through digital channels. However, like many other countries around the world, Kazakhstan faces complex challenges on the path towards open government, which the OECD defines as a “culture of governance based on innovative and sustainable public policies and practices inspired by the principles of transparency, accountability, and participation that fosters democracy and inclusive growth.”


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