Review of Lithuania’s National Agenda on the Prevention of Corruption

Strengthening Public Sector Integrity Strategies

image of Review of Lithuania’s National Agenda on the Prevention of Corruption

EU Funded Note

This report examines the process for developing the Lithuania’s National Anticorruption Programme (NAPC) for 2022-2033. It assesses the NAPC’s past accomplishments as well as challenges in priority areas, and draws lessons for the coming period. It also highlights implementation gaps in at-risk areas and identifies opportunities for improving the design and implementation of the NAPC.


The 2022-2033 NAPC: Towards overcoming institutional and co-ordination challenges in integrity policies

This chapter considers the Lithuanian 2022-2033 NAPC in relation to international good practice in the construction of integrity strategies. It provides insights on the Lithuanian strategy by making several recommendations addressed at the 2022-2033 NAPC’s theory of change, as well as on strengthening the institutional capacity of the STT. Furthermore, the potential for broadening the scope of the NAPC, developing targets and problem analysis are considered. These recommendations may help to inform current and ongoing efforts to strengthen the institutional anti-corruption in Lithuania.


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