Regulatory Policy in Slovenia

Oversight Matters

image of Regulatory Policy in Slovenia

The OECD Regulatory Policy Review of Slovenia assesses the regulatory management capacity of Slovenia. It takes stock of regulatory policies, institutions and tools; describes trends and recent developments; and identifies areas for improvement in the design, delivery and evaluation of regulations. The government of Slovenia has made great strides in regulatory policy, but challenges in implementation remain. This review provides policy recommendations based on best international practices and peer assessment to strengthen the government’s management and oversight of regulatory policy.



Compliance and enforcement

This chapter reviews how Slovenia’s strategy for enforcement and compliance, including the appeals process. Finally, it makes recommendations for how Slovenia could improve its enforcement and compliance regime. Although this area was not the primary focus of the regulatory policy review, this chapter does make some general recommendations for compliance and enforcement in Slovenia. An in-depth review could be done using the OECD Compliance and Enforcement Toolkit, which the OECD is currently developing.


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