Regulatory Policy in Lithuania

Focusing on the Delivery Side

image of Regulatory Policy in Lithuania

This review takes stock of the development and implementation of regulatory reform at a critical juncture for Lithuania. Confronted with the challenge of supporting growth and competitiveness, Lithuania has embarked upon an ambitious reform programme that addresses not only the development of new regulations but also the inspection and enforcement processes that support the effective implementation of these regulations with the least administrative burden for citizens and businesses. This is relatively rare among OECD members and the review assesses this comprehensive reform programme with a special focus on inspection and enforcement. First in its kind, the review benchmarks Lithuania's reforms against the OECD Best Practice Principles on Regulatory Enforcement and Inspection. The review identifies practical recommendations for strengthening regulatory effectiveness and support growth and competitiveness.



The interface between supra-national, sub-national and national levels of government in Lithuania

This chapter examines the multi-level dimension of regulatory policy at the sub-national and supranational levels. It looks at the allocation of regulatory responsibilities at the different levels of government, the capacities of local governments to produce quality regulation, and co-ordination mechanisms between the different levels of government. It also details the processes that are in place to manage the negotiation of EU regulations, and their transposition into national regulations, as well as the interface of national regulatory policy and governance with Better Regulation policies implemented at EU level.


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