OECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers

This series gathers together OECD working papers on the tools, governance and institutions of better regulation and their impact on policy outcomes. It includes both technical and analytical material, prepared by staff and experts in the field. Together, the papers provide valuable context and background for OECD publications on regulatory policy and governance.


Regulatory policy in Latin America

An analysis of the state of play

Regulation is a critical tool by which governments seek to foster economic growth and social well-being. Countries in Latin America are increasingly investing in processes and institutions that support regulatory quality. Based on the OECD Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance (iREG) for Latin America 2016, this paper explores the state of play of regulatory policy in seven countries in Latin America and identifies potential opportunities to improve. The annex includes individual profiles of each of the countries covered, highlighting key achievements and challenges. The analysis of the data shows that countries in the LAC region have taken steps to improve their regulatory governance framework but important gaps remain in most countries in terms of the implementation of key tools, such as consultation with stakeholders, Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and ex post evaluation. Strengthening the institutional oversight of the regulatory process will be critical to ensure the consistent implementation of these tools in the future.

English Also available in: Spanish

Keywords: consultation, stakeholder engagement, regulatory policy, regulatory impact assessment, evaluation, better regulation
JEL: N46: Economic History / Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation / Economic History: Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation: Latin America; Caribbean; K4: Law and Economics / Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior; H11: Public Economics / Structure and Scope of Government / Structure, Scope, and Performance of Government; K2: Law and Economics / Regulation and Business Law
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