Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan

Towards Improved Implementation

image of Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan

This review assesses regulatory management in Kazakhstan. It provides concrete recommendations on strategies, institutions and tools to improve the quality of the regulatory environment in Kazakhstan.



Assessment and recommendations

The Kazakh government has put in place many elements of regulatory policy. These efforts have gone along with a large wave of reforms in the wake of independence. A number of tools and processes have been established to foster the development of high quality regulations. This has included setting formal requirements on procedures for making regulations, establishing advisory councils to conduct public consultation, developing an online database of legislation, introducing a requirement to conduct a “scientific expertise” of draft regulations, conducting reviews of existing legislation. The need to make progress in regulatory management is largely recognised across the administration, in particular with respect to the legal quality of normative texts, reduction of corruption and simplification of the administrative framework. Attention is also given to international best practices.


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