Regulatory Policy and Behavioural Economics

image of Regulatory Policy and Behavioural Economics

Over the past five years, behavioural economics has been rapidly propelled from the margins of economic analysis towards the policy mainstream. In this context, this study offers an international review of the initial applications of behavioural economics to policy, with a particular focus on regulatory policy. It describes the extent to which behavioural findings have begun to influence public policy in a number of OECD countries, referring to a total of more than 60 instances, the majority of which concern regulatory policy.



Foreword and Acknowledgements

The use of behavioural economics in the design and delivery of regulation is at the forefront of regulatory policy and governance. This approach aims to improve outcomes without using traditional command and control mechanisms by understanding the way that citizens and businesses actually behave rather than how traditional economics assumes that they behave. This publication explores how governments are currently applying behavioural science to design and deliver better regulation.


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