Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections in the Environmental Sector of Peru

To meet their policy objectives, regulations must be accompanied by a carefully designed and well-implemented enforcement strategy, including inspections. This report provides an assessment of the enforcement and inspections strategy in the environmental sector in Peru along with recommendations to strengthen this strategy. The report evaluates the policies and legal framework of the Environmental Evaluation and Enforcement Agency of Peru, as well as its practices and the resources employed in enforcement and inspections activities. It also offers policy options to improve performance. The benchmark for the comparative analysis is the OECD Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections Toolkit. Using a checklist of 12 criteria, this Toolkit provides a simple tool for assessing the inspection and enforcement system in a given jurisdiction, institution or structure.

29 Apr 2020 141 pages English Also available in: Spanish 9789264794832 (HTML) 9789264979437 (EPUB) 9789264450585 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD