Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific

Issues and Prospects

image of Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific

This report, published by the OECD's International Futures Programme in co-operation with the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre in Australia, aims to stimulate informed debate about the main integration issues facing the Asia-Pacific region in the decades ahead.  It examines such issues as how the region compares to other regions of the world in terms of economic and political integration; regional co-operation on trade, investment and environment; and security and transportation concerns.  The book concludes with Mike Moore's "Reflections on Asia Pacific Integration".



Trade and Economics Integration in the Asia Pacific Region

Why integration now?

Two economic events of historic proportions provide the context for regional integration in the Asia Pacific today.

The first event, the currency and financial crisis of 1997/98, still affects every aspect of economic policy making. The crisis shattered a deeply held and broadly shared view of the policy keys to development success, and called for a review of what now needs to be done to build on the basic tenets: macroeconomic stability, high savings and investment, rapid expansion of education, and a strong export orientation.1 Many in the region consider...


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