Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific

Issues and Prospects

image of Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific

This report, published by the OECD's International Futures Programme in co-operation with the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre in Australia, aims to stimulate informed debate about the main integration issues facing the Asia-Pacific region in the decades ahead.  It examines such issues as how the region compares to other regions of the world in terms of economic and political integration; regional co-operation on trade, investment and environment; and security and transportation concerns.  The book concludes with Mike Moore's "Reflections on Asia Pacific Integration".



Education, Health and Culture

The Asia Pacific region contains a major share of the world’s population (exactly a third if South-Central Asia is not included; 57% if it is). The extraordinary variety of ethnicities, cultures, languages and religions in the region, not to mention a wide spectrum of economic and social development levels, renders any search to identify a unifying thread, aside from the obvious one of geographic propinquity, a difficult one. No doubt there are commonalities of interest in the Asia Pacific region, but we would still have to conclude that we are dealing here with a situation of extreme diversity. This is why, if indeed the Asia Pacific region is to be regarded as an entity, it is...


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