Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific

Issues and Prospects

image of Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific

This report, published by the OECD's International Futures Programme in co-operation with the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre in Australia, aims to stimulate informed debate about the main integration issues facing the Asia-Pacific region in the decades ahead.  It examines such issues as how the region compares to other regions of the world in terms of economic and political integration; regional co-operation on trade, investment and environment; and security and transportation concerns.  The book concludes with Mike Moore's "Reflections on Asia Pacific Integration".



Alleviating Environmental Degradation in the Asia Pacific Region

International Co-operation and the Role of Issue-Linkage


“People are no longer satisfied only with declarations. They demand firm action and concrete results. They expect that the nations of the world, having identified a problem, will have the vitality to act.” Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, whose country hosted the Stockholm Conference, 1972

This call to action by Prime Minister Palme at what was the first major international conference to address global environmental problems has, unfortunately, remained substantially unanswered. Global (and Asia Pacific) negotiations in the time since the Stockholm Conference are yet to result in widely accepted plans for action on redressing environmental degradation. Discussions on such issues have centred on an elusive search for principles to guide the global regime (sustainable development and Agenda 21) rather than...


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