Reforming Public Procurement

Progress in Implementing the 2015 OECD Recommendation

image of Reforming Public Procurement

This report presents progress made by OECD countries and other economies on their adherence to the 2015 Recommendation of the Council on Public Procurement. The Recommendation provides strategic guidance in addressing challenges encountered in public procurement and identifies good procurement practices in order to ensure a strategic and holistic use of public procurement. This report discusses the Recommendation's continued relevance, how widely it has been disseminated, and whether it requires updating or revision.

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Fostering trust through a risk-based approach to public procurement

This chapter describes the extent to which Adherents are working to integrate risk management strategies for mapping, detection and mitigation through the public procurement cycle. The analysis focuses on the uptake of the development of risk assessment tools to both identify and assess threats to the proper functioning of public procurement systems. This chapter also includes a description of the different risks that can occur throughout the procurement lifecycles, and how Adherents have addressed such risks.

English Also available in: French

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