Reforming ISSSTESON’s Public Procurement for Sustainability

image of Reforming ISSSTESON’s Public Procurement for Sustainability

This review analyses public procurement policies and practices of ISSSTESON, the institution providing health and pension services to the workers of the State Government of Sonora, Mexico. It benchmarks ISSSTESON practices against the 2015 Recommendation of the Council on Public Procurement to help the institute upgrade its procurement operations and increase efficiency, in a difficult financial environment. It also examines the revenue structure of the Institute and suggests reforms for the pension scheme, which is too generous compared to national and international experience.

English Also available in: Spanish

Increasing the Transparency and Performance Evaluation of the ISSSTESON Procurement System

This chapter reviews the legal requirements for transparency in ISSSTESON procurement, as well as the practices now implemented by the institute. It also provides recommendations for improving transparency and access to information policies to enhance accountability in public procurement. This chapter also discusses how ISSSTESON could leverage existing information technology (IT) systems to tackle a number of issues (information management, integration of systems and improved collaboration and communication) which could have a positive impact on procurement operations. Finally, this chapter assesses the extent to which ISSSTESON leverages data and indicators to evaluate and improve the performance of its procurement function.

English Also available in: Spanish

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