Reaping the Benefits of ICTs in Spain

Strategic Study on Communication Infrastructure and Paperless Administration

image of Reaping the Benefits of ICTs in Spain

This study examines the Spanish Information Society strategy plan Avanza 2. Upon request from Spain, focus has been on two selected perspectives corresponding to overall objectives of the Plan Avanza 2: Improving the communication infrastructures and  achieving a paperless administration. The e-government section on a paperless administration is grounded in the two areas of e-taxation and e-justice. Thus the study is not a comprehensive review of Plan Avanza 2 – only of selected parts.



Reforming through information and communication technologies

This chapter covers the Spanish government’s overall efforts to develop a paperless administration as well as the specific initiatives to foster digitisation in the two domains of taxation and justice. The chapter covers first the overall framework of the Plan relevant to the fostering of paperless administration followed by the presentation of the Spanish e-government setup within this context. Accordingly, the e-government agenda and the digitisation of the specific areas of taxation and justice will be reviewed, focusing on strategy and co-ordination; digital service supply and channel strategy; digital service demand and uptake; and, finally, consolidation and realisation of benefits. A benchmarking of the Spanish achievements based on available key performance indicators is included when relevant, as well as a selection of international good practices that could inspire and support the Spanish effort to foster further e-government development and implementation. The chapter concludes by summing up key assessments and proposals for action.


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