Public Value in Public Service Transformation

Working with Change

image of Public Value in Public Service Transformation

Building on the previous report, this report examines how governments can move from a tactical to a holistic approach to system change. Drawing on diverse case studies from across the world at both national and local levels, the report illustrates how a strategic approach to system change implies three key elements: envisioning and acting on the future, putting public value at the core of the change process, and systematically engaging citizens in decision-making.


Envisioning the future

This chapter outlines the need for governments to think about the future in new ways – in a more dynamic, anticipatory format. Systems approaches are not value free: they are influenced by how we think and conceptualise the future. Thus, special attention should be paid to how policymakers operationalise the future: what time-frames are talked about, what kind of narratives (e.g. smart governance) are used to outline different scenarios. All of the above guides systems transformation on the ground and is an important starting point to discuss what kind of change is possible or plausible.


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