Public Procurement Review of the Mexican Institute of Social Security

Enhancing Efficiency and Integrity for Better Health Care

image of Public Procurement Review of the Mexican Institute of Social Security

Building on the 2008 OECD Principles for Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement and good practices of similar organisations in other OECD countries, this review provides a comprehensive assessment of IMSS procurement strategies, systems and processes and proposes a roadmap for the reform of its procurement function.

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Ensuring integrity throughout IMSS' public procurement cycle

This chapter highlights the risk of corruption in the pharmaceutical and health care sector. It describes the efforts made by Mexico and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to fight corruption and wrongdoing in procurement. The chapter also discusses the need for IMSS to complement its current discipline-based management with a value-based strategy. Various tools and mechanisms are outlined to strengthen prevention, detection, monitoring and management of corruption risks (e.g. red flags, transparency in the price of medicines and enhanced whistleblowers’ protection) in IMSS’ procurement and distribution activities.

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