Public Procurement Review of Mexico's PEMEX

Adapting to Change in the Oil Industry

image of Public Procurement Review of Mexico's PEMEX

This report on Mexico’s state-owned oil company PEMEX is part of a series of OECD reviews of Mexico’s procurement institutions. PEMEX’s procurement system was overhauled after Mexico’s 2013 Energy Reform opened up the sector to private participation, requiring PEMEX to compete in an open market. Using the 2015 Recommendation of the OECD Council on Public Procurement as a benchmark, the review assesses the effectiveness and integrity of PEMEX’s entire procurement system while identifying a series of actions for improvement. A state-of-the art procurement system can not only help PEMEX achieve value for money on a sustainable basis, but also support other social and environmental policy objectives in Mexico.

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Executive summary

Since the 2013 Energy Reform, which opened up Mexico’s energy sector to private investment, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) has become a state productive enterprise with the core mission of creating value. This new legislative framework granted PEMEX greater autonomy for its administration, organisation, management and budget, as well as a new corporate structure. At the same time, it changed PEMEX’s organisational structure and resulted in a series of reforms in different fields, including procurement, acquisitions, leasing, services and works, in order to give PEMEX the tools required to compete in international markets. This OECD review identifies the strengths of PEMEX procurement function and the potential options for improvement to achieve its new institutional mission and compete successfully.

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