Public Procurement in Nuevo León, Mexico

Promoting Efficiency through Centralisation and Professionalisation

image of Public Procurement in Nuevo León, Mexico

This review examines the ongoing public procurement reforms in Nuevo León, Mexico: both the progress achieved so far and the many challenges that remain. It discusses the benefits of further centralisation of public procurement activities for goods and services, greater aggregation, and a shift in administrative culture from excessive formality toward strategic public procurement and value for money. The review provides concrete proposals addressing every aspect of the procurement lifecycle, from planning and market consultations to contract management.

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Encouraging participation in the dispute resolution system in Nuevo León

This chapter examines the courses of action that suppliers in Nuevo León can take to challenge procurement decisions during the procurement procedure and contract execution. The chapter also discusses how effective these two distinct processes are currently, and whether they have affected public procurement procedures. Furthermore, it highlights some of the strengths and weaknesses of the system, and discusses which steps Nuevo León needs to take to improve system functions. The chapter also highlights relevant experiences in other OECD countries that could prove useful to the State Government of Nuevo León (SGNL).

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