Public Procurement in Kazakhstan

Reforming for Efficiency

image of Public Procurement in Kazakhstan

This publication outlines the substantial progress made in improving Kazakhstan’s procurement system, most notably implementing e-procurement. Drawing on international good practices, the review includes policy recommendations to help the government in Kazakhstan achieve further necessary reforms to meet international standards.

English Also available in: Russian

Increasing efficiency and fairness along the public procurement cycle in Kazakhstan

This chapter provides an overview of the main procurement methods applied in Kazakhstan and assesses the different stages of the procurement cycle to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. This includes measures to improve procurement planning, the preparation of technical specifications, to increase competition by reducing exceptions to competitive tendering and facilitating access for non-resident suppliers. This chapter also examines how the Government of Kazakhstan can broaden its approach to the application of award criteria by applying a points and percentages system for public tenders. Finally, it discusses how the country can benefit from the implementation of a broad framework for contract management.

English Also available in: Russian

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