Public Procurement in Kazakhstan

Reforming for Efficiency

image of Public Procurement in Kazakhstan

This publication outlines the substantial progress made in improving Kazakhstan’s procurement system, most notably implementing e-procurement. Drawing on international good practices, the review includes policy recommendations to help the government in Kazakhstan achieve further necessary reforms to meet international standards.

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Strengthening public procurement capacity and enhancing the implementation of strategic procurement in Kazakhstan

This chapter discusses the potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan to strengthen the strategic use of public procurement. The transition of public procurement from an administrative function to a more strategic function is a common challenge for many OECD and non-OECD countries and also affects the Republic of Kazakhstan. A highly skilled and adequately trained public procurement workforce is required for the transition to a strategic use of public procurement. Working towards making public procurement a recognised profession is essential for the development of a highly skilled workforce, as well as a procurement-specific training that goes beyond compliance and legal aspects.

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