Public Procurement in Kazakhstan

Reforming for Efficiency

image of Public Procurement in Kazakhstan

This publication outlines the substantial progress made in improving Kazakhstan’s procurement system, most notably implementing e-procurement. Drawing on international good practices, the review includes policy recommendations to help the government in Kazakhstan achieve further necessary reforms to meet international standards.

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Legal and institutional framework of the public procurement function in Kazakhstan

This chapter describes and analyses the normative framework of Kazakhstan’s public procurement system, which is currently undergoing a process of centralisation, and the role and relevance of the institutions managing it. It assesses the impact of the public procurement Law (PPL) adopted in 2015 and the impact of the December 2018 amendments to revise the 2015 PPL. The chapter also analyses the potential benefits and risks of more centralised purchasing, as Kazakhstan is to allow the aggregation of purchases from different contracting authorities, and identifies necessary steps on the path to centralisation. Lastly, it introduces the benefits of framework agreements, a tool commonly used by OECD countries in public procurement.

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