Public Procurement for Innovation

Good Practices and Strategies

image of Public Procurement for Innovation

Public procurement offers an enormous potential market for innovative products and services. Used strategically, it can help governments boost innovation at both the national and local level and ultimately improve productivity and inclusiveness. Based on good practices in OECD and partner countries, this report analyses the state of play of procurement for innovation and provides a flexible framework focusing on 9 areas to promote it.




Sweden does not have a specific procurement for innovation action plan. Instead, procurement for innovation is embedded into the National Public Procurement Strategy (2016). The public procurement strategy is mostly directed to governmental agencies since regional and local levels of government are independent in Sweden. The strategy does however give guidance on a wide variety of procurement for innovation aspects to national, regional and local levels of government as well as suppliers. It was also embedded into the Swedish innovation strategy (2012). Some regions, county councils and larger municipalities also include procurement for innovation in their strategies on development, innovation and procurement.


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