Public Employment and Management 2023

Towards a More Flexible Public Service

image of Public Employment and Management 2023

This is the second edition of a regular publication on public employment and management issues. This edition explores the theme of flexibility in the public service workforce through the angles of workforce mobility, learning and development, and flexible working arrangements. It presents comparative data and analysis as well as country-specific case studies to help governments design and embed greater flexibility. This report also features a synthesis of the OECD review of public service leadership and capability in the Brazilian Federal Public Service. Taken together, the insights of this edition can help guide and shape flexible work practices for a high-performing public service.

English Also available in: French

Case studies on flexibility

This chapter presents four case studies that illustrate how OECD countries are approaching the issues of flexibility. It shows how the United Kingdom is embedding flexibility in a new learning and development framework and how Korea is using digital technology to enhance its learning offer and data collection. The chapter shows how Belgium is designing mobility opportunities to be more flexible and how Slovenia supports mobility with specific IT tools.

English Also available in: French

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