Public Employment and Management 2021

The Future of the Public Service

image of Public Employment and Management 2021

This is the first edition of a new annual publication on public employment and management issues. This edition presents a vision of a future-ready public service workforce that is forward-looking, flexible and fulfilling to a diverse range of public employees. It provides insights to help governments achieve that vision through comparative data and analysis, a set of illustrative case studies, and expert commentary. Public service leadership and recruitment systems are fundamental inputs to renew and transform the public service. Both of these issues are highlighted and illustrated with new data from recent surveys.

English Also available in: French

Executive summary

Public Employment and Management is a new annual publication compiling studies and articles on people management in governments of OECD countries. The chapters in this first edition contribute to a vision of what could be possible and desirable for the future of the public service to inform people management policies as countries emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. They present a vision for a public service that is able to attract, retain and develop talent that can direct new technology and innovation to areas of pressing public need, and respond quickly to fast-changing global circumstances. Although this work began before COVID, the crisis has reinforced the importance of these themes that rings true in new circumstances, and if anything has become even more pressing and relevant.

English Also available in: French

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