Promoting Integrity through the Reform of the Administrative Penalty System of Bulgaria

Building a Comprehensive and Coherent Legal Framework

image of Promoting Integrity through the Reform of the Administrative Penalty System of Bulgaria

This report analyses Bulgaria's legal framework for administrative penalties. Administrative penalties are crucial for ensuring accountability in the public administration. The report assesses the subjective scope of their application, the typologies and levels of administrative penalties, and the proceedings for applying them. The report highlights relevant good practices from other EU Member States, and provides recommendations on how to address key challenges as well as legislative proposals for building a comprehensive legal framework.

English Also available in: Bulgarian

Persons liable for administrative penalties in Bulgaria

This chapter deals with the challenges emerged in relation to the categories of persons which can be liable for administrative violations. In particular, the analysis focuses on various aspects related to the administrative liability of legal persons - including specific typologies such as entities without legal personality, branches of legal entities and foreign legal entities. It also addresses the regime applicable to those who have oversight responsibilities over employees or subordinates as well as instigators, facilitators and admitters. While challenges in these areas exist in other OECD countries, a more comprehensive legal framework in Bulgaria in this area could help address the gaps and inconsistencies emerging from the analysis and the application.

English Also available in: Bulgarian

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