Preventing Policy Capture

Integrity in Public Decision Making

image of Preventing Policy Capture

This report exposes how “policy capture”, where public decisions over policies are consistently or repeatedly directed away from the public interest towards a specific interest, can exacerbate inequalities and undermine democratic values, economic growth and trust in government. It maps out the different mechanisms and risks of policy capture, and provides guidance for policy makers on how to mitigate these risks through four complementary strategies: engaging stakeholders with diverging interests; ensuring transparency and access to information; promoting accountability; and identifying and mitigating the risk of capture through organisational integrity policies.

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Foreword and Acknowledgements

By changing the formal “rules of the game”, public policies determine to a large extent the distribution of costs and benefits in an economy. Tax exceptions, subsidies, private sector participation in government services, emission standards, public health policies and education grant programmes (to name a few) directly influence who gets what. Having a say in the design of these formal rules of the game is therefore of great interest to all parties.

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