Polar Law and Resources

image of Polar Law and Resources

Current Polar law developments indicate that both the Arctic and the Antarctica will continue to be the focus of growing scientific, international, political, media and public discourse for the foreseeable future. The regulation of resources and associated issues form one of the key areas of Polar law and will thus continue to constitute the crux of legal, geopolitical, socio-economic, and environmental developments. An overview of Polar law questions and topical developments was provided in the pioneering 2010 Polar Law Textbook and in the 2013 Polar Law Textbook II both of which covered a number of topics relevant to the Polar resources debate. Building on this work, this new volume focuses on topical issues of law and resource development in the Polar Regions and covers topics of current and emergent resource-related issues mainly from a legal and political perspective.



Resource Developments and Polar Law

The growing importance of both Polar Regions in the area of resource development has heightened the role of law in dealing with many current and emerging resource issues. Despite the continuing existence of various possible approaches to its understanding, Polar law as a developing area of study is clearly gaining greater recognition in both academic and international fora. “Broadly speaking, “polar law” is a developing field of law that deals with the international and domestic legal regimes that are applicable to the Arctic or the Antarctic, or both” (N. Loukacheva in Polar Law Textbook 2010:13). The regulation of resources among other relevant issues form an important part of Polar law.


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