Poland: Implementing Strategic-State Capability

image of Poland: Implementing Strategic-State Capability
This report proposes a practical, country-based framework for developing good governance indicators for programmes funded by the European Union in Poland. The concepts presented and the challenges discussed are, however, relevant to a wide range of OECD member and non-member countries in the development of indicators-based performance measurement systems.


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Improving trust in government: Citizen and business buy-in to strategy implementation

This chapter examines the issue of trust in government and citizen and business buy-in to national strategy implementation. This chapter first presents Polish data that shows low trust in government and explains the challenges the government faces in this regard. The chapter then highlights the need to enhance consultation capability to improve trust and mobilise citizens and businesses effectively in policy and service design and delivery. Poland’s strategy to engage citizens in meaningful consultations has been set, but it has yet to be fully implemented.


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