Performance of the Prosecution Services in Latvia

A Comparative Study

image of Performance of the Prosecution Services in Latvia

Latvia has embarked on an ambitious agenda to tackle the challenges posed by complex types of criminality to public prosecution services, with particular emphasis on economic and financial crimes. This report carries out a benchmark analysis of Latvia’s prosecution practices along with those in ten OECD member countries, international good practices and the experience of globally renowned prosecution experts. It takes stock of the good practices implemented in the prosecution to date, and examines the importance of a broad range of policy aspects that can drive better performance. These include strategic management tools, the use of data and strengthening co-operation across the whole of the justice chain. Finally, it formulates policy recommendations to support Latvia in strengthening the performance of its prosecution services.




The complexity and risk of economic and financial criminality is growing in a majority of countries, fostered by a global context marked by digitalisation and the fragile economy prompted by the COVID-19 emergency. At the same time, effective prosecution practices play a key role in protecting society from a culture of impunity, and have the potential to secure citizen trust, foster investment and ensure necessary tax revenues. In recognition of their importance, Latvia has embarked on an ambitious agenda to strengthen its criminal justice system and succeed in the fight against financial and economic crimes.


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