Open Government

Fostering Dialogue with Civil Society

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This book examines how to build robust legal, institutional and policy frameworks for access to information, consultation and public participation in policy-making. It focuses on lessons from experience from both OECD member and non-member countries in seeking to apply the principles of good governance in practice and to build effective partnerships between government, citizens and civil society organizations. The book presents the papers discussed during the "International Roundtable on Building Open Government in South East Europe: Information, Consultation and Public Participation" held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 23-24 May 2002. The International Roundtable was organised by the OECD in collaboration with the Government of Slovenia, the World Bank Institute and the Open Society Institute. It gathered close to one hundred participants from 28 countries among both OECD member countries and those of South East Europe, with equal numbers of practitioners from government and from civil society.



Consultation and Participation

This section presents the conclusions of the workshop on consultation and participation of citizens and civil society organisations in government policy making. Participants in the workshop stressed the need for capacity building and technical assistance for government officials and citizens alike in conducting effective consultation and participation processes. The section also includes two case studies on consultation and public participation at the national level (in Estonia and Finland); one on participation at the international level; and a paper on citizens’ views of governance issues...


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