Open Government Scan of Canada

Designing and Implementing an Open Government Strategy

image of Open Government Scan of Canada

The Open Government Scan of Canada provides an evidence-based assessment of the governance of Canada’s efforts to foster transparency, accountability and citizen participation against key provisions of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government. The Scan seeks to support Canada in its ambition to design the country’s first holistic and integrated Open Government Strategy. It includes recommendations for strengthening the governance of Canada's open government agenda in the short, medium and long term. OECD Open Government Scans are short, tailored policy reviews that focus on specific key priorities of the commissioning government.


How to successfully design and implement an Open Government Strategy in Canada?

This Chapter takes stock of Canada’s governance frameworks and mechanisms for open government and provides recommendations for their consolidation in line with the country’s ambition to design its first holistic and integrated Open Government Strategy. In particular, the Chapter discusses the need to enlarge the focus of Canada’s open government agenda and move beyond the traditional emphasis on open data / open information. It also reviews institutional mandates and roles and provides recommendations to upgrade monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, including through the design of Canada’s first Open Government Maturity Models.


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