Open Government in Tunisia: La Marsa, Sayada and Sfax

image of Open Government in Tunisia: La Marsa, Sayada and Sfax

This report analyses legal and institutional frameworks, public policies and open government practices in Tunisia at the local level. It is based on three pilot municipalities - La Marsa, Sayada and Sfax. The report proposes recommendations to help the central government create an enabling environment for open government at the local level. It also provides support for the efforts of these municipalities and those of civil society to establish new mechanisms for participation, transparency and accountability.

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Conclusion and next steps

First and foremost, it should be noted that an opportune moment exists for Tunisia’s municipalities to implement open government practices. Indeed, they can draw on a new legal framework and the commitment of associations and the municipalities themselves. Secondly, the current context – the legal framework and regional disparities – leaves them no choice other than to try fresh approaches to governance that place citizens at the heart of the process and promote the development of public policies closer to their needs.

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