Open Government in Salé, Morocco

image of Open Government in Salé, Morocco

The report analyses legal and institutional frameworks, public policies and open government practices in the municipality of Salé in Morocco. In the context of a new legal framework for local authorities adopted in 2015, it provides recommendations to the municipality for setting up a more strategic and coherent approach to open government initatives, as well as for establishing new mechanisms for participation, transparency and accountability.

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Conclusion and next steps

As this analysis shows, the city of Salé can count on strong political commitment, an administration that is engaged and a culture of dialogue with civil society, together with a number of well-established practices for open government. These experiences can on the one hand inspire a cultural shift in other municipalities and in the national administration. On the other hand, the city could take advantage of this state of affairs to develop a more consistent and structured approach to open government. This would include defining a vision, objectives and precise activities, as well as setting in place an adequate institutional framework. The process would allow open government practices to be used to transform public administration and its relationship with citizens, and to draw benefit from the promise held by open government in terms of strengthening confidence and the design of better targeted policies and public services.

English Also available in: French

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