Open Government in Salé, Morocco

image of Open Government in Salé, Morocco

The report analyses legal and institutional frameworks, public policies and open government practices in the municipality of Salé in Morocco. In the context of a new legal framework for local authorities adopted in 2015, it provides recommendations to the municipality for setting up a more strategic and coherent approach to open government initatives, as well as for establishing new mechanisms for participation, transparency and accountability.

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Institutional framework for the promotion of open government

The effective performance of an open government reform or of implementation of an open government strategy and initiatives also depends on the municipal institutional framework. Studies conducted in the OECD countries have demonstrated the usefulness of specific structures dedicated to coordinating open government initiatives at all levels of government, to ensure their consistency, complementarity and pertinence. Currently, 77% of OECD countries have an office with responsibility for the horizontal coordination of open government initiatives at central level. This office is often tasked with formulating an open government strategy, coordinating the implementation and monitoring and evaluation of open government initiatives, communication and, in some cases, allocating financial resources and evaluating the impact (see ) (OECD, 2016[2]).

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