Open Government in Morocco

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The Open Government Review of Morocco is the first of its kind analysing a country’s open government policies and practices and their institutional and legal frameworks for implementation against OECD instruments. By bringing together a multitude of OECD instruments and expertise in different areas of public governance, the Review provides Moroccan policy makers, public sector officials and civil society activists with practical indications on how to improve and successfully implement their national open government agenda. In addition, the Review contains a list of recommendations on which to build Morocco’s Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership.

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Integrity and fight against corruption in Morocco

Integrity and the fight against corruption have gained importance in Morocco in recent years and following the Arab Spring which resulted in the establishment of new institutions and legal frameworks. This chapter analyses Morocco’s integrity framework in relation to OECD standards and principles. It includes an overview of the legal and institutional setting underpinning Morocco’s strategy on integrity and fight against corruption and its evolution brought by the 2011 constitutional reform. In line with Open Government principles, it discusses how civil society can play a greater role in improving integrity and how ICTs can serve this purpose. The recommendations point towards the need of co-ordination and consolidation of ongoing reforms to strengthen integrity in Morocco.

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