Open Government in Latin America

image of Open Government in Latin America

Latin American governments have embarked upon substantial open government reforms in recent years. Working with the Open Government Partnership (OGP), progress has been made. The OECD - as an official multilateral partner organisation of the OGP - has conducted a regional stocktaking exercise of open government strategies and practices. Its main findings are reflected in this report, allowing Latin American countries to compare and benchmark against good international practice.


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The context of open government in Latin America

This chapter describes the context for open government in Latin America. It introduces the Open Government Partnership (OGP), its core principles and the OGP process. It then analyses recent reform efforts taken by Latin American countries and provides a picture of the region’s main challenges. In the last section, the chapter presents the frameworks to assess open government and open data policies and initiatives developed by the OECD and used to review the progresses and achievements in the region highlighted in this report.

English Also available in: Spanish

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