Open Government in Costa Rica

image of Open Government in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the first countries to involve the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the state in the design and implementation of its national open government agenda. The OECD Open Government Review of Costa Rica supports the country in its efforts to build a more transparent, participatory, and accountable government as an essential element of its democracy. This review provides an overview of the current national institutions, legal framework, policies and initiatives that underpin the implementation of open government principles, with a focus on policy co-ordination, citizen participation, and open government policies at the local level. It includes a detailed and actionable set of recommendations to help the country achieve its goal of creating an open state.



Open government at the local level in Costa Rica

This chapter examines open government initiatives at the subnational level in Costa Rica. In light of the ongoing decentralisation process and the growing responsibilities of municipalities, the chapter assesses the scattered good practices that exist across the country and offers concrete recommendations on how to further enhance the engagement of citizens in political processes at the local level. The chapter finds that spreading open government to municipalities requires the strengthening of their administrative, institutional and fiscal capacities as well as increased guidance from the Centre-of- Government. To further harness the potential advantages of involving the local level in the process of the establishment of an open state, the chapter recommends including the subnational level in the National Open Government Policy, including more municipalities in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan cycles and replicating existing good practices from certain municipalities.


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