Open Government in Biscay

image of Open Government in Biscay

The Review analyses the open government agenda of the Province of Biscay, based on the 2017 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government. It assesses Biscay’s initiatives regarding transparency, accountability and stakeholder participation and how they impact the quality of public service delivery. This review also evaluates Biscay’s institutional, legal and policy frameworks for the implementation of these initiatives, focusing on the creation of a sound monitoring and evaluation system. The report includes recommendations to foster a public governance culture that empowers all stakeholders to actively participate throughout the entire policy cycle. This is the first OECD Open Government Review carried out in a subnational government of an OECD member country.



Mainstreaming stakeholder participation in Biscay

This chapter describes the importance of stakeholder participation in policy making and in service delivery and illustrates how stakeholders can be involved through information, consultation and engagement. Equally, it assesses the legal, institutional and policy framework for successful stakeholder participation in the province of Biscay. Finally, it reviews how participation is carried out in the context of the open government agenda, as well as throughout the policy cycle, in Biscay.


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